( Schreib|ma|schi|ne (f, sing.) (eng) typewriter )

sold (11-28-2021)
Halda P
1952 / QWERTZ (German) / 10 cpi
Owner: sold
Location: Germany,
The predecessor of the Facit TP-1. A classic, not so easy to find here in Germany. I was told that the last typewriter Ernest Hemingway used in his life was such a Halda P. I can see clearly, why such a famous auther would use this model. It's a real good and typer with a very light and pleasant touch and simply fun to use.
not for sale
Hermes 3000
1959 / QWERTZ (German) / 13cpi
Location: Germany,
Besides of the "Baby" is the first version of the "3000" the classic from Hermes. This very specimen is one of my favorite typewriters.